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Genius Guitar Method

The Genius Guitar Method is a unique guitar method designed especially for beginners of all ages. The objective of the book is to build a solid foundation on sight reading, basic chords and empower independent guitar learning. 

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"the Genius Guitar Mehod is the ideal Guitar Method for any music school..."

The ideal Guitar Text Book

The Genius Guitar Method consists of 30 short lessons guaranteed to keep the student engaged and motivated. 

The Genius Guitar Method covers all the notes in the key of C in open position and all basic position chords. 


Each lesson of this guitar method introduces a new subject and builds upon the previous material. Similarly, each lesson alternates between reading single notes and learning chords. Lessons conclude with a duet which helps solidify all the material. 


The Genius Guitar Method is an ideal textbook aid for any teacher; a valuable tool to support guitar students on their musical journey.  

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