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Maple Street Studio in Beacon offers Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar and Jazz Guitar Lessons for students of all ages. Dan Garcia,
a veteran New York City guitarist and Music professor at Manhattan College, is sharing three decades of teaching experience in the Hudson Valley.


A veteran New York City guitarist, now in Beacon,
Dan Garcia is sharing three decades of teaching experience with the Hudson Valley.


University of Cicinnati, (Guitar TA) - 1996-1998

Circulo de la Hispanidad, Long Beach , NY - 2005- 2010

Instituto Cervantes, NY, NY - 2005- 2010

Brooklyn Music Factory, Brooklyn NY - 2010-2018

Manhattan College, Riverdale NY - 2009- present     


- Founder, DGMUSICAPPS -



Maple Street Studio was founded in 2020 by NYC's renowned classical guitarist Dan Garcia.  Dan is an entrepreneur and creator of the first how-to Flamenco Guitar App, producer of CaneliBeat and a professor of guitar and music production at Manhattan College.  Dan also served as one of the founding members of the Brooklyn Music Factory in Brooklyn, NY.  

With more than 30 years of musical experience combined with his recent relocation to one of the most beautiful cities in the Hudson Valley, Dan built the Maple Street Studio in Beacon, NY with the goal of providing an inspiring and unparalleled space for artists and students at all levels.  Dan focused on creating a space filled with sound quality, productivity as well as with indoor and outdoor space.  The ultimate goal was "to create a safe space with state-of-the-art equipment where artists instantly feel inspired."

Maple Street Studio sets itself apart by offering a creative environment, state of the art equipment and instruments but most of all the experience and creativity of Dan Garcia who will always focus on the musical individuality of each artist that enters the studio. Please contact us for more information.

Maple Street Studio is stacked with the latest software including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Adobe Premier CC and Finale. Our equipment includes monitors, Focal 65 speakers, Microphones, Avantone Tube, Miktek Condenser, AKG p170 condenser stereo pair, SM 57.  Our Pre Amps are Neve 1017, Pro MPA II and our interface is Apogee Duet. 

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